Jimmie LeBlanc • compositeur

The Breaking of the Circle

Quatuor à cordes (2003-2004, 20')

In Göran Tunström's novel Le Livre d'or des gens de Sunne, The Breaking of the Circle is an imaginary book that exists only in one exemplary. This book tells the story of a world - maybe ours - which is falling apart as a result of an unknownable fault. The piece is a kind of Thème et variations in which all variations could be the original theme. Its segmented construction leads us in perpetual circular development where elements follow their individual ways although included in a larger progression. There are different levels of circularities and ruptures; maybe one can point out the more improtant of them from which all is falling apart... maybe not... where is the end of a circle?



Quatuor Bozzini, Québec, 2005

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