Jimmie LeBlanc • compositeur

Le Toucher de Psyché

Orchestre symphonique : 2222/2200/perc.(2)/harpe/piano/cordes (2012, 15')

In the relationship that unites Psyche to Eros, an essential condition prevails: Psyche must not see or know her lover, at the risk of seeing him immediately fly away from her forever. The lover can touch and experience Eros, but the mystery that remains between them creates an intolerable tension. Aren't there similarities between this relationship and the listener who is tempted to uncover the mystery of music? A phenomenon that one can "touch" through sensory experience, but thoroughly understand only with great difficulty… and at the risk of the music disappearing?

The fable of Psyche is a good illustration of how I conceive of musical experience, as well as of expression in general. The language - the sounds which one attaches to objects and concepts at every moment - reminds us of their arbitrariness, and outside of constructed and shared conventions can be reduced to mere noise. However, we surely feel the presence of objective reality, and although its meaning constantly escapes us, we can nevertheless touch it, see it, taste it, hear it… Music is the perfect metapore in this relationship to the world. Thus, my musical ideas do not try to represent realities which are external from them, they are rather thought in terms of sonic textures, sensations and actions. My music does not recount the drama of Psyche; rather, it is conceived of starting from the existential conditions that it poses. This logic leads us to associate music with Eros: impetuous, capricious, violent, sensual, powerful, impassioned… but, for Psyche, forever elusory.



Création/Premiere :

Esprit Orchestra, Toronto, 2012

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